Work memoirs

Having worked on serveral large scale web projects, this section features not only as work portfolio, but detailed solution models and deeper insight on how to manage large projects

It should be mentioned that most projects are a result of a thing called team-work, so unless anything else is mentioned, my primary focus has been on the front-end. The majority of projects listed are produced at Copenhagen based web agency Creuna where I’m currently employed.

Royal Copenhagen

Royal Copenhagen

Known for it’s high quality porcelain products and immaculate design and craftsmanship, Royal Copenhagen has gone online with a completely redesigned digital identity featuring a highly accessible foundation of web standards.


Danish department store Magasin introduced online shopping as of last year (’06) with an all redesigned website. The solution is based on a custom shop application developed by Creuna


Design was manhandled by former colleague Rune (now Bottega Arete).

The solution

As always with online shopping and CMS combined it takes quite a lot of page types requiring a thought-through structure to both HTML and CSS. Naturally web standards are implemented throughout the website, making reuse of elements and structural inheritance essential. To further illustrate the amount of page types in question, here’s an index of the original front-end code. I find it extremely handy providing an online preview of front-end code as it enables the customer, as well as team members, to quickly review and test your work.

A closer look

On the surface it’s hard to recognize the ideas and the semantics behind a website. Things have changed. Back in the days front-end was simply about transforming a layout to HTML and make it look identical, with close to no consideration about semantics – today it’s all about understanding elements of design and convert these into meaningful segments of structure with intent to make code (HTML) reflect the visual purpose – for some at least.


Design and markup has been slightly changed.

Creuna Danmark A/S

Corporate online profile for scandinavian web agency Creuna.

Creuna Danmark A/S

Features a great deal of functionality and lots of useful information. Unfortunately some validation errors will unfold, as with any CMS equiped with a ‘flexible’ editor, nothing too serious though. A great effort has been done to ensure usability, SEO, web standards and slick design through a number of various page types.

This is my current employer and how nice it is to actually be proud of our own website – it does in my mind reflect our profile and the services we offer to perfection. On top of that our marketing department has grown good understanding of working with the CMS to deliver the message.

Skandia (Tilbage til arbejdet)

Though this is an online secured administration-system, I thought it would be nice to feature as it’s a well-designed application based on highly semantic front-end with a lot of neat functionality.


At a later point I might publish the clean front-end code to give you a better idea of the size of this solution. It mainly consists of various types of lists (tables) and forms, so to ensure a clean and consistent layout I built an additional framework page illustrating each from control for the developer to pick from. More on that later…

  • Being a secured administrative system, there’s really nothing to look at

Other projects

Just a snappy summary of them other projects.


  • Design + HTML / CSS
  • Programming and integration to Synkron.web CMS
  • External application for worldwide retailers (ASP)

Hummel has since changed both design and CMS.

RMIG (Rich. Müller)

  • Design + HTML / CSS
  • Programming and integration to Synkron.web CMS

Kirstine Birk

Kirstine Birk
  • Design + HTML / CSS
  • Programming and integration to Synkron.web CMS


  • HTML / CSS
  • Programming and integration to Synkron.web CMS
  • External application to edit products

Bang & Olufsen Medicom a/s

Bang & Olufsen Medicom a/s produces intelligent devices to more effectively manage drug treatment for patients.

  • Just the design


Gallery presenting a number of granite sculptures carved by members of this small club run by daddy’o Thuesen.

  • Design + HTML / CSS
  • Programming of custom CMS to administer pages, gallery etc.

Invokers A/S

Presentational website for small SAP consultancy company.

Invokers A/S
  • Design + HTML / CSS

Yeah, I know… It has dark background, lucida font, logo reflection and some pink to it. Born in the 2.0 age startup it just had to.

Finally a last few…

Lovprocesguiden (Erhvervs & Selskabsstyrelsen)
Front-end and Synkron.web CMS implementation. Basically an online law writing guide.
ReSound Metrix (GN ReSound Group)
Handled the front-end of this presentational website for high quality hearing aid.
Handelsskolen Minerva (Commercial school)
Originally design (has been substantially altered), front-end and Synkron.web CMS implementation.
Dansk Røde Kors (Red Cross Denmark)
Front-end and Synkron.web CMS implementation.
News Untold
Personal blog of a friend and former colleague, Steen.
The design and front-end I made, was thrown into his home-brewed ‘Custom Website Framework’.
ATP Ejendomme
Front-end and Synkron.web CMS implementation.
DIIS (Danish Institute for International Studies)
Complete design, front-end and Synkron.web CMS implementation.
Bakken Bears
Complete design, front-end and Synkron.web CMS implementation.
Bakken Bears is the local basketball team of my hometown Aarhus and by the way Danish champions 2006-2007.

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