You see my horze?

The undefined line between inspiration and design plagiarism

Just saw a piece on Danish television about this new service provided by Dansk Rideforbund called


Since when did TDC share interest in horses and kids? was my first thought – but that was probably just that logo confusing me.

See, TDC just changed their cable-division name and profile to YouSee and to me it looks like someone got a little creative inspiration from their logo. I know this is far from a copy, but the horizontal colored lines, the letter rotation and all lowercased bold font type just made the odd connection.

Thinking of it the inspiration could just as well be originated from iittala’s Origo.

I wonder from where TDC got the idea to name their service YouSee… and if Thank You, who seems to take some part in the TDC design profile, helped them out…

On a side note TDC had their design profile updated (reviewed and questioned by Jacob Hage, in Danish) earlier this year.


1. December 17th, 2007 (0:44), by annon

Even funnier, is there is a company in Denmark called Horze.. they can´t do anything original.

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You see my horze?
The undefined line between inspiration and design plagiarism
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