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Wondering what this is all about? And what's up with that name, "who's vest do I have to see?"

This website is maintained by Søren Thuesen, a designer, front-end web developer, programmer and usability/accessibility expert based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Mainly focusing on front-end web developing I’m currently employed with Creuna. Naturally everything published here at See my vest is reflecting my own personal beliefs and might not be shared by my employer.

I care a great deal about doing web the right way – whether it’s about design, HTML or programming it all has to make sense in the end. I focus on building interfaces for websites or web applications that everybody can use and understand in spite of disabilities, difference in browser types or platforms.

Depending on the size of a web project it usually includes design/information architecture, front-end and back-end programming (and of course a number of other non-technical processes) – all of equal importance to a success-full project. But in the end everything is combined into and depends on the final HTML and CSS, presenting the structure and layout of a website.

This combination is not just a question of transforming a layout to HTML and make it look identical – it’s all about understanding elements of design and convert these into meaningful segments of structure with intent to make code (HTML) reflect the visual purpose, hence the term “Semantic”.

Topics covered

  • Web standards / Semantics
  • Accessibility
  • Usability / Intelligent design
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Design and interfaces
  • Software and technology

The vest

Nothing much to say about the vest, except for the obvious reference to the classy song “See My Vest” by Monty Burns (The Simpsons), about hunting animals for an outfit that looks good.

Mr. Burns: See my vest

It would take quite a skilled sales person to draw any parallels from the song to this website, so lets keep it at the fact that it’s an easy-to-remember address – and vests are cool.

Side notes

As a member of the Danish design community, Dansk Dynamit, I through in an occasional posting, but admittedly tend to leave it at getting inspired by those 30+ talented members. I do some co-authoring at our company blog focusing on topics from project management, design and information architecture to hardcore development (Both sites in Danish). Who better than Linkedin to provide a full summary of experience and specialties.

The solution

See my vest is based on a highly customized WordPress installation.

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What's with the vest? More about this site and author and feel free to get in contact.

On weekdays I spend time with talented folks at Copenhagen based web agency Creuna. Do check out our company blog.

I throw my images at Flickr and keep the videos at Vimeo.